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Only 1 Day Play

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Mega Millions Online
About Mega-Millions
Friday, April 25
JACKPOT $59,000,000
CASH $33,100,000
Powerball logo Play
Powerball Online
About Powerball
Wednesday, April 23
JACKPOT $150,000,000
CASH $87,600,000
Canada 649 logo Play
Canada 649 Online
About Canada 6/49
Wednesday, April 23
JACKPOT Canadian $
CASH $14,000,000
Germany logo Play
German Lotto Online
About Germany 6 aus 49
Saturday, April 26
CASH $4,000,000


California logo Play
CA Super Lotto Online
About Super Lotto California
Wednesday, April 23
JACKPOT $53,000,000
CASH $30,800,000
Florida logo Play
Florida Lottery
About Florida Lottery
Wednesday, April 23
JACKPOT $36,000,000
CASH Not Available
New York logo Play
New York Lotto
About New York Lotto
Saturday, April 19
JACKPOT $3,500,000
CASH Not Available
Texal logo Play
Texas Lottery
About Texas Lottery
Wednesday, April 23
JACKPOT $26,750,000
CASH $17,340,000
Cash 5 logo Play
PA Cash 5
About PA Cash 5
Wednesday, April 23
JACKPOT $125,000
CASH $125,000
Canada Lotto Max
About Canada Lotto Max
Friday, April 25
JACKPOT Canadian $
CASH $32,000,000


Lotto Texas 6/54 Order Form: 


To play Lottery Online Lotto Texas, follow these steps:

  1. All players must be at least 18 years of age!
  2. Choose how you want your numbers selected. Do you want quick picks, or do you want to choose your own numbers?
  3. Please tell us how many games you wish to play?
  4. Please tell us how many times you want us to play your numbers (number of draws).
  5. Please select how you want the jackpot paid.
  6. Please multiply the number of games by $2.00 ($20 Minimum) and place the total amount in the field marked (Total=).
  7. Orders for this form must be in by 2:00 pm (EST)   Wed. and Fri.
  8. New Customers New Customer Sign Up

Important subscription information

Gaming PA/pix6 cannot offer subscription service for Lotto Texas. You can play One Day only. Play lotto online with Gaming PA/pix6.

We accept most major credit cards.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your complete order information.


Choose how you want your numbers selected:

I want a State Lotto Machine (Quick Pick) to choose my numbers.

I want to choose my own numbers.

How many games (tickets) do you wish to play? 

For how many draws do you want to play your numbers? 

CASH ONLY  Please select how you want the jackpot paid?

To Play Lotto Texas Online just follow the directions below.

When choosing your own numbers, enter your selected numbers between 1 and 54 for each game you wish to play. There is room for up to 20 games.
Enter them exactly as shown: (04-06-21-26-44-54) Must be in ascending order !! "Games Must be in Multiples of 5 Example 5 10 15 20 and so on"

                         Low to High !! (All numbers must be 2 digits)     

Number of Games Your Numbers Price Per Game
10  $2.00
11 $2.00
12 $2.00
13 $2.00
14 $2.00
15 $2.00
16 $2.00
17 $2.00
18 $2.00
19 $2.00
20 $2.00


Minimum order is $20.00 for each Lotto Game. For a cost of $20.00 you may play a ONE DAY play (10 games for one draw only).

Total Amount Due (Number of Games Multiplied By The Number of Draws By $2.00 ) Total= ($20.00 Minimum)

Please provide the following contact information:  Required Fields *

* Name
* Street address
Address (cont.)
* City
* State/Province
* Zip/Postal code
* Country
* Home Phone
* E-mail
* Customer ID

 If you don't have customer ID Enter here New Customer Sign up

Credit card, please provide the following payment information:

I wish to pay by:
Credit card
* Cardholder name
* Card number ---
* Security Code  
* Expiration Month
* Expiration Year

Security Code is 4 Digits on the Front of Amex Cards 3 Digits on the Back of Visa, Master Card & Discover Card

I authorize H.M.E. to debit my credit card for **(ie 20.00) decimal point must be entered in all numbers (ie 200.00, 2000.00 and so on or your order will not be processed
to cover the cost of my order for the "Lotto Texas"  6/44

Remember the cut off is Wed & Fri 2:00 PM ET



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