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1. General Information on Lotto and Lottery numbers

a. The cost for each ticket (game/board) is $1.00 plus service charge of $1.00 for all games other than Germany, Canada 6/49, Canada LottoMax (7/49) and New York 6/59. Powerball ticket cost is $2.00 plus a service charge of $2.00 for a cost of $4.00 per game.

b.Germany 6/49 is $3.50 per game. Minimum order is $20.00 for each Lotto Lottery Number Game. For a cost of $20.00 you may play either a ONE DAY play (10 games for one draw only) or a subscription one game minimum 10 draws (New York 20 games for $20.00 ONE DAY or 2 games 10 draws $20.00). You may order as many tickets as you like, as long as you meet the minimum order.

c. Only when you receive copies of your tickets or confirmation from Pix6 with a starting and ending date are orders final.

d. Note does not sell or re-sell lottery tickets! Pix6 will not take an order unless it is reasonably sure the order can be fulfilled. We are an old company (July 1985) been on the internet since November 2000.

e. All Lotto Lottery Number tickets are bought in the players name and on his/her behalf. Void where prohibited by law. Must be at least 18 years of age to play.

f. is not a Gambling site nor is it a ticket selling site. is a ticket buying service (Similar to a Courier Operation). We act as a Fulfillment Center buying tickets for you in Powerball, Mega Millions, California Super Lotto, Canada 6/49, Canada LottoMax, Florida, Germany 6/49, New York, Pennsylvania Cash 5 and Texas Lottery. 44 Lotto does not set any odds, etc. As a courier for our customers buying tickets, we do not receive any percent ot the winnings. We will collect and disperse winnings as set forth below.

2. Tickets & Winnings

a. No original tickets are sent unless you are a winner with a prize over $600.00 and then we will send you a claim form and ticket or just the claim form. We will talk to you and you will decide to either send the claim form to 44 Lotto or you will send the ticket and claim form to the respective agency.

b. Any prize less than $600.00 we will cash your ticket and either deposit into your account or we would send you a check, this would be your call. If the amount is $10.00 or less and you want a check there will be a $1.00 fee for postage and handling. The Canadian and German winnings would be treated different and when the time would come we would discuss the different options to you, then you would decide how to handle the winnings.

c. Copies of tickets we buy in Powerball, Quick Picks in Mega Millions are sent as a pdf file. If you are playing your own numbers and the jackpot is big we will not copy your tickets, but we will confirm your order. For some states and countries we will be unable to send you copies of your tickets, but we will confirm your order and send you a confirmation of the Quick Picks or numbers played. You must have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader installed to read this file. Acrobat Reader is a free download from Start Acrobat Reader go to file and open the pdf file. You may need to magnify the loaded file. See below if you use webtv.

The tickets stay in the state or country where they are purchased.

3. Webtv

a. If your Internet Provider is webtv you will need a fax number to have copies of your ticket sent. We will try to fax your order as soon as possible, but if the line is continually busy you may not receive your order before the drawing!!!

4. Mistakes on Orders

a. When Jackpots are very large and play is very heavy volume we DO NOT have time for corrections and such. Your order will be automatically deleted and your credit card will be credited. We will try to inform you that we had deleted your order and credited your Credit Card.

5. Your Email Address

a. Please make sure your SPAM BLOCKER is turned off, and MAKE SURE your IP is not blocking our email address.

6. Be Patient

a. Our website operates 7 days a week 24 hours a day, but our office normally works Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM and Wednesday and Friday 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. All times are EST. All copies of tickets will be sent before the drawing, and you should receive the copies if you have entered the correct information. For example, if you enter an order sometime Sunday, under normal circumstances you would receive copies late Monday morning or Monday afternoon.

7. Cutoff Times for Orders

a. These are listed on the website and any order entered after this time will be entered into the next drawing. In times of LARGE JACKPOTS these times can and will probably change. Our Agents will tell us at 44 Lotto what they are comfortable with as far as making sure all orders are filled, and at this time we will change the cutoff times accordingly.

8. Credit Card Information

a. You must use the name on the credit card and the zip code of the cardholder or the card will be declined. Some orders will require the 3 or 4 digit security code on the card. If we need this we will reply by email.

9. Email Address

a. Correspondence will be through: and

10. Subject: Problem opening an attachment using Outlook Express 6.

If you are having a problem opening or saving an attachment using Outlook Express 6:

Go to Tools -> Click on Options -> Click on the Security Tab and uncheck the box “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus.”

Click on Apply and OK.

After you download the attachment you can recheck the box, just remember to uncheck the box the next time you receive an attachment from us.

Please save for future use.

11. 44 Lotto AGREEMENT

The service provided by includes purchase of legal State/Country Lottery tickets on your behalf for the length of time specified on your Official Confirmation. All funds required for physical purchase of tickets are placed in escrow with a financial institution.

Lottery Subscriptions begin on the first available drawing following our receipt of correct information from the customer and full payment for services requested. Customers with winning full ownership subscriptions will receive 100% of the prize designated by the state for that particular drawing. does not share, nor have any claim to any portion of its subscriber’s individual prize money.

Lottery subscriptions will be the same set of numbers for the length of the subscription.

Lottery tickets are not re-sold. Customers pay exactly what the State/Country Lottery charges the general public for tickets. A service fee is charged by Pix6 for acting as the Customer's agent.

A customer shall not be entitled to any claim based on incorrect information used by In the event a Confirmation of Subscription with incorrect data is received by the customer, the customer must immediately notify and return the ORIGINAL Confirmation issued by The customer waives any claims against for purchasing incorrect tickets on their behalf. shall not be held responsible for the inability to purchase tickets on behalf of its customers if prevented from doing so by power failure, actions of other parties, events occurring beyond the control of and acts of God. This has never happened in 23 years, but with the weather patterns lately just want to be sure. GUARANTEE: will provide complete copies of tickets purchased for any customer if requested by the customer along with a ten dollar $10.00 fee anytime within one week following the last draw date, values the trust of each customer and respects the rights of each customer to request verification of purchase. Requests for verification made by the customer after the aforementioned one week period will be subject to additional charges. Depending on how busy we are at the time of the request it could take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to honor your request.

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